Due to a conversation between Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco that occurred on Basketball Wives, a lot of people came to the conclusion that Evelyn and Chad were OK with the idea of an "open marriage", allowing them to be free to see other people.  Well according to Evelyn, in no way is this really the case.  

Ms. Lozada commented on how their 2 hour discussion was edited down to 3 minutes for the show and people interpreted what she was saying to Chad in the wrong way.

Here is what Evelyn had to say about allegedly being cool with the idea of being involved in an open relationship with Chad Ochocinco:

"A lot of people started saying we were planning an open marriage based on a conversation we had on Basketball Wives about infidelity and the things that you have to deal with when you're living this life.  This was a real conversation and people got offended saying, 'Oh, you said it was OK to cheat.' That is not what I was saying at all! People took what they wanted out of that conversation, others said it was great that we can be so honest.

"I didn't say it was OK to cheat. What I meant was I am not going into this marriage saying we're going to be perfect, things are going to happen. I am just being honest and realistic about what our world brings.  I would never be in an open relationship, absolutely not.  

"I am not going into this saying it will definitely be forever. Life changes, things happen, I don't know if Chad is going to feel the same way about me in 20 years time or how I will feel.  All I do know right now is that we are focused on getting married, having a good life together and raising our children. But things happen and that was the point of that conversation."

Source: bossip.com