The George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin story made headlines once again when it was announced last week that prosecutors brought a second-degree murder charge against Zimmerman. And, it looks like the mysterious phone call aspect of the incident is being looked into again to try and pinpoint exactly what Zimmerman said over the phone. 

It was initially stated that Zimmerman may have used a racial slur against the 17-year old victim, but the affadavit displaying the charge against him states that he didn't use any slur when referring to Trayvon.

Prosecutor Angela Corey thinks otherwise, and she's launched her own investigation into what was really said during that 911 call. 

Her investigators state that Zimmerman said "these [expletive] punks" under his breath when referring to Martin, but his former attorneys said that the word was indeed "punks" instead of the racial slur many people believed was used.

There's still no date set for Zimmerman's trial.