Last year, West Coast rapper and producer Warren G revealed that he would be releasing a joint EP which will be featuring the late Nate Dogg. The project was never released, but Warren told MTV that he still plans on releasing the EP and even gave more details on the project.

"It's called 'Nate Dogg and Warren G' and it's pretty much done. It's a bunch of good records, stuff that's unheard and it's great for everyone to hear my homeboy. Some people have heard these songs in the studio, but most people have never heard them. Everyone that hears them says, 'it's crazy ... this is incredible!'."

Warren then touched on other projects the two planned on completing but never got the chance.

"We was gonna do two albums together and we didn't get to put them out, we didn't get to finish all of the records. But that's how me and Nate worked, I would do a verse and he'd do a hook and then move on to the next. That was some of most fun I ever had in my life ... Every song is gonna be a banger. Every one could be a single."

Warren hopes to lock in fellow West Coast artists The Game and Kendrick Lamar for the project's first single, "Party We Will Throw Now". Other features on the EP include Young Jeezy, E-40, Bun B, and Too $hort.

He's looking to stay busy through all of this as he plans on putting together another EP as well, this one titled "Regulate ... G-Funk Era Part 2". Following this new EP, Warren will then be prepping a studio album titled "The Westside Story". He'll be looking to work with artists such as Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Snoop, Kendrick Lamar, Young Jeezy and Fabolous".