PJ Morton is a New Orleans native just like Young Money's Lil Wayne, so it's no surprise that Weezy recently signed Morton a deal with YMCMB label.

Morton has worked with groups like Maroon 5, and he recently dropped his new EP under Young Money, titled Following My First Hand.

Everything seems to be moving rather quickly for the young emcee. He sat down with Vibe recently to discuss a number of different topics, including winning a Grammy while still a college student, his relationship with label friends Lil Wayne and Mack Maine, and how he handles negative criticsm.

When asked about living life on the road as an artist, Morton said "Yeah, one thing about being independent all of these years, the touring is your radio when you're indie, and so now that I'm finally in a major situation that was one of the things that was already on my side being able to hit these cities and do these shows."

He then spoke on what track from his EP he is most excited about performing live.

"Well live, I think 'Never Get Over You' is gonna really translate. It's finalized and we added some things to it and I think it's going to go over well. Yeah, 'Never Get Over You' is probably my favorite record. Heavy is a staple. We started to play that last year. It's a 'bluesy' thing so that definitely feels good live but we never played Never Get Over You before so I think people will really dig that."

He was then asked about his signing to Young Money and if his prior ventures and accomplishments would be overlooked because of it.

"Not really man. I think online they hype it up a bit more. The truth of the matter is it's just Busta, Mystikal, Limp and Christina Milian. People start adding names and start saying Young Money is signing everybody. I don't think it's quite that much. It's definitely not more than any other label that signs anybody. But I didn't feel like I was overlooked because I think I'm kind of the only signing of my kind so that separated me a little bit. There's no adult male singers, I'm the only one on Young Money that's doing that."

Lastly, he spoke on his relationship with Mack Maine and the two knowing each other before signing with Young Money.

"Me and Mack went to high-school together in New Orleans and we were always cool. So I guess he went on to do his thing, I saw him doing his thing with Wayne and I was doing my thing on the road and writing and production. We kind of just reconnected and it just came to a point where it really made sense for us to work together. That's the family vibe that's over there and that's why I felt like I would be most taken care of and with people who had my best interest in mind. This is family, this is New Orleans, this is where we come from and fam takes care of fam. It was just a natural progression. We never forced it before the time and it just kind of happened itself. It was a real natural thing".