It was big news when legendary group The Roots signed with Def Jam Records for another stint in order to drop new albums in the future.

In a recent interview with Complex, the iconic drummer and front man for The Roots, Questlove, discussed the re-signing of the group to the Def Jam label and spoke on upcoming albums.

"We just [sign for] two records at a time. We have the advantage because even if we don't sell a gazillion records, there's still a prestige left that we carry that makes them look good, which is important. I look at it like we're a prestige artist. I'm sure Joni Mitchell doesn't move millions and we're in that plane now."

"We been without a label president for a second. I've yet to meet Joey IE though. In fact, I found out [Joey IE became the president of Def Jam] on Twitter. Barry Weiss has always been our [point person with Def Jam] so we've been negotiating that. It's so ironic; for all the speculation that we've switched labels, we've always been on Universal."

Quest then went into small detail about certain material on the group's future album.

"But the thing is, we gotta be honest about where we are. I don't wanna be 40 with my pants caught down trying to do something like 'Throw your hands in the air. Shake your a** b***h.' I said we need to make an honest-a** record and that's what will determine what it is".

"I'll say that at least four of the submissions [for the new album], they're above 115 beats per minute. It's very high energy. Not fist-pumping, but fast. This is just the music stage, not even the lyrical stage. We thought of a title two weeks ago but I am not allowed to say what it is just yet—but you'll know soon."

No timetable as to when their new album will hit stores.