After finishing their interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper in New York City this past Thursday (4/12), Trayvon Martin's family was invited to the Knicks' game at Madison Square Garden.

Before the Knicks went on to demolish the Washington Wizards in a 103-65 victory, the Martin family was invited to the Knicks' locker room to meet with all of the players. Carmelo Anthony set the invitation up for them.

Melo considered meeting the Martin family "an honor".  

"It was a blessing, an honor.  We all know the tragedy that happened, and just to get in a different space of mind right now, just bringing them to not even the game, but to the locker room in the back, meeting all the players, meeting the coaches, that was the easy part. We had no media there. It was just something that I wanted to do."

The entire Knicks' team has shown their support for the Martin family.  Carmelo's Twitter picture is him wearing a hoodie with the words "I am Travyon Martin!!!" written across the photo.