In Vero Beach recently, 38-year-old Robyn Harr was arrested for an extremely bizarre reason: biting her daughter's leg because she tried to turn off a Rihanna CD.  Her daughter reported to police officers that Ms. Harr had been blasting music very loudly for a while and refused to turn the volume down.  So, Ms. Harr's daughter became fed up with the loud beats and decided that she would turn off the music on her own.

However, when Ms. Harr's daughter made a move to shut off the Rihanna music, Ms. Harr lashed out at her by biting her on the leg.  When police officers arrived on the scene, they reportedly found a fresh bite mark on the daughter's leg.  

"She was very intoxicated and has been being nasty all day," said Ms. Harr's daughter.

After admitting that she did in fact bite her daughter, Ms. Harr made the claim that her daughter attacked her first, but police noticed no signs of a struggle, and smelled a strong odor of alcohol on the intoxicated mother.

The woman was arrested, booked in jail, and released later that day.