Lamar Odom's brief season with the Dallas Mavericks was extremely lackluster, to say the least.  He produced career lows in every stat category on the court, so it was no surprise when he was let go by the Mavericks organization.  

NBA veteran and sports caster/TV personality Charles Barkley visited ESPN Dallas 103.3's Galloway & Co. this past Wednesday (4/10), and gave his honest opinion about Lamar's season with the Mavericks. It's safe to say, Barkley is disgusted with the way Odom conducted himself while on the team, and he thinks that Lamar Odom should not be paid the remainder of his salary for just sitting at home while the rest of the team actually works for their pay.

"I always pull for the players, but the fact that they've got to pay him, I think is a joke.  I mean, because he didn't earn his salary. He didn't earn it at all.  I like Lamar as a person, but I'm disappointed about everything that happened in Dallas. And it's a shame that the Mavs got to pay him, to be honest with you, because he doesn't deserve to get paid for what he put out there this year. He doesn't deserve it, plain and simple.  

"To sit at home and make that kind of money really pisses me off, to be honest with you, for the effort that he put out there.  He's going to make hundreds of thousands of dollars these next two paychecks. ... That's not fair to the Mavs. It's not fair to the game of basketball.  I'm just disappointed in Lamar."

Maverick's head coach Mark Cuban has to pay Odom around an extra $3.4 million dollars because Odom will make about $1 million for the rest of the season's salary, along with a $2.4 million dollar buyout. Cuban has elected not to seek ways to avoid paying Odom, even though there are many things that he could do to avoid paying him.

"There's all kinds of things I could do, but I'm not going to," said Cuban.