Alex Rodriguez has always been one of Major League Baseball's more colorful athletes. On and off the baseball diamond, his celebrity follows him wherever he goes. And now it seems like it will follow him to the big screen...if he decides to play a drag queen in a new movie.

Director Philippe Mora will be heading up a new movie entitled "The Surrealist" which is a film about Spanish Surrealist painter Salvador Dali and his prominent works of art.

The film will be starring Alan Cumming, but Mora says that there will be an opening for the Yankees third baseman if he's up for it. Alex would be playing the role of Potassa, who is a drag queen of all things.

"It's quite a good idea and has a serious side to it", says Mora, the director. "Dali was obsessed with baseball. Walt Disney used to take him to (games). At first it sounds hilarious, but it's a serious (offer)."

This would certainly be a first for A-Rod. Do you see him partaking in this venture?