Model and video vixen Rosa Acosta has stood out as one of the more respected and popular women in her field, as she's dazzled and entertained many with her fantastic figure in pictures and videos. And it's gotten to a point where she feels it's time to move on from this which is why she plans on retiring.

She says her urban modeling days are near the end of its rope.

"I have had the opportunity to work with so many people including one of the best photographers in the world, Terry Richardson. Actually a good friend of mine Vanessa Veasley, I was the one that sent her stuff to Supreme and they loved her. It's an honor to bring two darker skinned girls to Supreme. They are amazing. I'm working with Pink Dolphin and a few other companies. I'm happy that I've been able to do all of these things. I'm about to retire from all of the urban modeling because we get old."

She's already in tip top shape and amazing condition, as she's shown several times over in her numerous videos. So, she plans to get into the world of fitness as well as Spanish television.

"It's really easy in this business to spend ten years doing the same thing and not branch out. So in order for me to branch out I have to stop doing this and focusing on some other ventures. I'm not just going to quit totally, but little by little. But I think that this will be my last year doing the sexy shoots. I'm going to focus on fitness and Spanish TV."

Rosa hasn't officially made her retirement, but it seems like it will come shortly.