During a recent interview, rapper Machine Gun Kelly spoke on a few personal issues, including bullying during his young adulthood, and how DMX's music and career helped him to deal with certain instances in which he was the one who was picked on.

"That's my idol, I'm on DMX's first single, that's like big bruh," Machine Gun Kelly said. "I'm on his first single, he's on my album. That's the man, bow to him."

Kelly also said that X's music was something he would retreat to and just vibe to whenever he was going through a tough situation.

"He has a priceless story. I'm just saying be different. That was music I could run away to [when] me and my pops fell out. When my mom left and all that other s**t, fights with kids at school, getting picked on, DMX was that man", he continued. "I always put on some DMX and imagined myself beating people up."

Source: hiphopblog.com