Nicki Minaj's new music video "Beez in the Trap" carries a heavy emphasis on strippers, and to Young Money's First Lady, it's more than just a steamy video - it's also a trip down memory lane.

"When I was doing my mixtapes, I would perform in strip clubs," she explained in a recent interview with MTV.  "I would perform in clubs and it was like some of my most die-hard fans would be in them places... I wanted to kinda like honor them... kinda honor all my girls in the club and just say thank you for the support."

The adult-themed video, which was released on Friday, follows Nicki as she goes through a strip club counting hundreds and doing her thing. Minaj wears some flattering outfits throughout the shoot, including a leopard print catsuit while rapping it up with 2 Chainz.

The vid was shot in a Miami gentleman's club and includes a few surprise cameos, including recently retired stripper "Tip Drill". The video was directed by Benny Boom.