The Jeremy Lin saga has been one of the biggest stories not only in the NBA, but also in the world of sports in general, as the Harvard graduate got a chance to show what he can do in a starting role for the New York Knicks, ultimately becoming the starting point guard for the squad.

But with more playing time comes the wear and tear of the NBA regular season, and it caught up with Lin as he had to have surgery on his left knee to repair a meniscus tear. He's been out of action for some time and it seems doubtful that he'll be back for a potential first round playoff matchup.

"I think unless something goes really well I wouldn't get there", he said in regards to first round action.

"All the doctors are saying this is normal. After about 1½ to 2 weeks is when you can see how well you're doing."

Lin also stated that he wants to be completely healthy before he returns to the court in order to not risk any further damage.

"I want to get to 100 percent and then come back, hopefully see what I can do. By then it'll be a different team identity, chemistry, so it gets tricky, too".

Lin even cited the condensed season as to why he may have injured himself.

"Really, that's what it was because the games came so fast. Playing three, four games a week, there was really never a week except for All-Star".

The NBA Playoffs begin on April 28th and Jeremy had his surgery on Monday. It's said that it will take at least six weeks to rehab. No telling when he'll be able to hit the court again.