B.o.B. is set to release his second major album, titled Strange Clouds, which is due to land at record stores on May 1st. 

By checking out the album's track listing, it seems like the Atlanta native went all out, enlisting a cast of superstar artists for several tracks. 

Young Money artists Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj feature on separate tracks, along with Grand Hustle front man T.I., Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Taylor Swift and even actor Morgan Freeman!

B.o.B also had a few words in regards to the album, as the release date is less than a month away.

"I feel like this album is the culmination of my life story," he told Rap-Up.com. "I'm bringing people into my world with just the story and the building blocks that created B.o.B, and I wanted to spend a lot of time with it. It's a lot more centered with a core sound. I was a lot more honest on this album. I feel like I'm continuously honest in the moment to moment, but I'm constantly changing."

Again, "Strange Clouds" drops on May 1st.

Source: rap-up.com