This past Tuesday (4/3), Chicago police officers arrested bank robber Willie Weathersby, and would-be bank robber Olga Perdomo.  The two criminals foolishly returned to the same bank they had robbed/tried to rob just days prior.  

Weathersby allegedly robbed the Albany Bank and Trust on March 23rd to the amount of $2,589.  Ms. Perdomo recently tried her hand at robbing the same bank about a week later, but was unsuccessful. She arrived at the bank wearing pajama legs and a hoodie, and handed the bank teller a note that read, "All of your money, no cops, no dye pack."  The bank teller apparently responded by telling her that the bank was closed and the woman would have to come back the next Perdomo actually left!

She was seen in the vicinity of the same exact bank this past Monday (4/2), walking around outside the bank with Weathersby.  The police arrested the two genius bank robbers the next day, and the pair confessed to their separate bank robberies/attempted bank robberies.