Back in February, rapper Juvenile was issued an arrest warrant for failing to pay his child support bills. He is apparently behind a whopping $160,000 in payments.  

Here's where things get interesting.  

Juvenile has now requested that he and his alleged 13-year-old son take a paternity test to prove if he is the boy's actual father.  He recently filed court documents in Louisiana stating that he never actually signed the boy's birth certificate when he was born, nor did he ever officially establish paternity rights. 

According to Juvenile, the mother of his son in question was allegedly involved in sexual relations with at least one other man, if not more, around the time the boy was conceived.  

It is safe to say that if it turns out Juvenile is not the boy's father, he will most definitely try to get back all the money he spent on child support, and have his debts regarding back payment for child support be voided.  

Apparently, Juvenile claimed that he was a good father to the boy and that the boy stays with him often. If this is true, then the boy will surely be crushed if it turns out Juvenile isn't his father and the rapper cuts all ties with him.

Let's all hope this situation has a positive ending for the child's sake.