Shanay Jackson, 19, of Gainesville, FL was so angry at her boyfriend that she pushed him in the face while he was driving, and then proceeded to pour bleach all over his groin.

Police Officer Kimano Edwards responded to a call from the victim, who complained of a "burning sensation" in his groin after Jackson doused his privates with bleach.

Edwards noted in the police report that the man's clothes were "freshly soaked with bleach causing severe discoloration" while there were "puddles of bleach" inside his vehicle.

Jackson maintains that the two got into an argument and she shook the bottle of bleach, causing in to spill all over her boyfriend, but says she didn't intentionally pour it on him.

She was later charged with simple battery, a first-degree misdemeanor, and, as of Thursday, was being held at the Alachua County jail.