University of Kentucky's star forward Anthony Davis made an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show this past Thursday night.  During a fun and entertaining conversation with Kimmel, Davis broached the subject of his unibrow.

When asked by Kimmel whether he would be willing to shave it or leave it to grow freely, Davis confidently acknowledged that he has no intention of chopping off his eyebrow fur anytime soon.  In fact, according to Davis, aside from his great basketball skills, the unibrow has become his trademark:

"Yeah. It's a funny story.  When I first got to Kentucky, guys were like, 'You need to cut it. It doesn't look good. You look like Bert off Sesame Street, Bert and Ernie.' So I was actually thinking, 'I need to cut this.' But after a while I decided, 'It's me. It's my brand. I like the way it is.' So everybody just started embracing it, had T-shirts."