Jersey Shore's most popular DJ is Pauly D, and aside from the premiere of his spin-off reality show, the Pauly D Project, he has signed with 50 Cent's G-Note label, and is working hard at boosting his musical career.  

"I'm focusing on music. That's my passion.  I'm working with 50 Cent now. I'm gonna do an album with him. It's going to be a little bit of everything. It's almost like DJ Khaled and kind of David Guetta, but my own DJ Pauly D style."

He is currently working on prepping a collaboration album with 50 Cent, and is trying to lock down producers and artists for the album.  

Pauly D expressed a lot of respect for 50 based off of his experience working with him.

"50's a beast, man. He's so smart when it comes to business, and he's so talented. Him and I just clicked the second we met, so it was great."