To be or not to be, that is the question? Mirlande Wilson came forward claiming to be the holder of the winning Mega Millions ticket that was sold in Maryland. The issue is NO ticket has turned up and Wison's lawyer is not even sure that a ticket exists.

The inconsistent Wilson called for a press conference on Wednesday, (April 4) arrived late, refused to comment and asked for all reporters to vacate the premises. As journalists invaded her lawyer's Baltimore law offices he announced that the purpose of the press conference was "to ask you all to go home."

When her lawyer, Edward Smith, was asked for clarity about the status of the proposed winning ticket and his client, he had this to say.

"I cannot say with any certainty this ticket exists. No she doesn't want 15 minutes of fame. This needs to stop so she and her children can go back to a normal life," (Wilson's lawyer, Edward Smith)

Wilson is a McDonalds employee and she has had major inconsistencies in the stories she has shared with the public.

She told a TV station she bought it at a 7-Eleven store for herself. Then she said a coworker purchased it for her alone while separately buying tickets for the pool organized at her McDonald's in Baltimore.

The woman claims that she is positive that she is the winner, but has also said that she "thinks" she won. Wilson has mentioned that she hid the ticket at her job at McDonalds, then she said that she stashed the ticket in an undisclosed secret "safe place."

Winning tickets were purchased in Kansas, Illinois and Maryland, but no winning ticket has been presented as of yet.

Who knows, maybe this lady is the winner, but wants to take the media on a rollercoaster ride before producing the ticket. What do you think?