Although "The Tomb" is not scheduled to be released until 2013, and filming hasn't even begun yet, the details involving plot, characters, directors, etc, have all been released to the public already.

Stallone and Scharzenegger will be hitting the big screen for yet another action-thriller, and this time they're bringing Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson with them for the fun.  Stalone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jim Caviezel share star roles, and Oscar nominated Amy Ryan takes the spotlight as the lead female actress in the film.  50 Cent's role is a little uncertain at the moment, but fans can expect him to be throwing hands or getting into some kind of crazy action scene at least once.

The film is being directed by Mikael Hafstrom, and it is believed to take place inside the cold, gritty walls of a high-tech prison.