T.I.'s latest discovery and signee to his Grand Hustle label, Iggy Azalea, discussed recently with Dazed magazine how she fell in love with American rap and her thoughts on why someone's gender would be harder to overcome than race in the rap game.

"I heard a Tupac song at a friends house down the street and it all really started from there," the 21-year old Azalea mentioned on how she fell in love with American rap. "From that day, I got every video, album and magazine related to hip-hop that I could get my hands on. I was obsessed."

She also goes on to mention that being a teenage white girl in Sydney, Australia isn't too uncommon, however being a girl on the mic was, and she details how she overcame that adversity. 

"There weren't too many girls on the mic... I always felt in my heart that I was a champion, so hearing boo's from a crowd just made me want to prove them all wrong and get better."

"Race to me is a low blow that people just use when they have nothing real to hate on.  TO me, being a woman is the biggest hindrance," she said about a rappers gender being more important than their race. "There are a million and one things that I go through as a woman and as a human being that we can all relate to, and colour is just an extremely small thing to me.  I have to view it that way if I want the rest of the world to take on that mind frame too."

Source: theurbandaily.com