Tim Tebow wants Mark Sanchez's job.  

This is apparently fact after Champ Bailey confirmed the "challenge" at the Nike NFL Uniform debut in Brooklyn on Tuesday.

"Oh, he's going to challenge him, absolutely," Bailey said.  He was Tebow's teammate in Denver for two seasons before Tebow was traded this offseason to the New York Jets for a fourth and sixth round draft pick in April's upcoming NFL Draft.  "Sanchez can't feel to comfortable in his seat.  If he keeps playing well, he doesn't have to worry about it.  But if he doesn't play well, we all know what's going to happen next."

Tebow was named the starter in Denver in his second season last year, replacing quarterback Kyle Orton after the team open 2011 with a 1-4 record.  Tebow went on to win seven of his 11 starts, six of which came via the fourth quarter comeback in the final minutes, and led the Broncos to the AFC West title and an overtime wild-card win over the favored Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Jets currently plan to use Tebow in their wildcat package, of which Tebow is just fine with.

"I think he'll do it," Bailey added.  "Will he like doing it for the rest of his career?  I don' think so.  I think this is a short term thing.  The guy will be a starter at some point, whether it's here or somewhere else, because he's going to work to get it done."

When it came to addressing the phenomenon known as Tebowmania, Bailey advised Tebow's new Jet teammates to "just roll with it, you can't stop it.  The one thing that made it easy to deal with was the way he handled it.  He handled it with a lot of class, very professional."

Source: inflexwetrust.com