Trayvon Martin is not the only black man being denied justice in America; get familiar with Howard Morgan. Morgan, a former policeman for the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad, was off duty when he was shot 21 times in his back and seven times in his front by four white police officers during a traffic stop. Morgan is alive and has survived to tell his story, which has unfortunately been absent in national media. His wife Rosalind Morgan is outraged by the lack of justice and the media's failure to cover her husband's story.

Rosalind Morgan had this to say.

"This man is the only man in the world who was shot 28 times and still alive to tell the truth about what happened," "This is crazy. There's been a news blackout. I had to go outside to get someone to help."

The four officers involved claim that Morgan fired shots first when they tried to arrest him, which resulted in them unloading 28 shots into his frame.

Howard Morgan was never tested for gunpowder residue, and the bullet-proof vest worn by one of the white officers - which was allegedly hit by one of Morgan's bullets - was never produced.

Morgan's family and the community aren't buying such a story, and have gotten Occupy Chicago involved.

Morgan, was originally charged with four counts of attempted murder; three counts of aggravated battery and one count of aggravated discharge of a firearm at a police officer.

Luckily, an anonymous donor put up two million dollars to get him out of jail and in 2007 a jury acquitted Morgan of aggravated battery and discharging a weapon at a police officer. However, the jury was hung on the attempted murder charge.

In what can be a debated as being a case of double jeopardy, prosecutors retried the case, and in January of 2012 a second jury found Morgan guilty on the attempted murder counts.

Subsequently, Morgan faces up to 80 years in prison and will be sentenced this Thursday (April 5).

"It's just wrong. They want to sweep this under the carpet and don't want to take the blame. All of the young people who were victims of police shootings are dead. They can't tell their side of the story. Mr. Morgan was shot 28 times — 21 in the back of his body and seven times in the front. The man deserves to be treated fairly." The wife said.

She went on to express her disappointment as to why national leaders such as Jesse Jackson have not become involved like they did in the Trayvon Martin case.

Jesse Jackson did however mention that he plans on being in attendance at Morgan's court appearance on April 5th.

Ms.Morgan suggest that "If they can do this and eliminate double jeopardy and your constitutional rights, then my God, I fear for every Afro-American — whether they be male or female — in this corrupt unjust system." (Sun-Times)