Recently, legendary singer Mary J. Blige appeared in a new commercial for Burger King, advertising the fast food restaurant's new menu selections. Mary sang to the tune of "Don't Mind" and it seemed like a normal commercial.

Yet, after numerous negative comments in regards to Mary's segment, her portion of the commercial was removed from Burger King's YouTube channel while the likes of David Beckham, Selma Hayek and late night host Jay Leno all had their commercials remain.

Fans took to Twitter to express their dismay over Ms. Blige not only appearing in the ad but also in regards to what she was singing about. 

"Oh @Maryjblige how I LOVE thee..but im not sure about this Burger King ad".

"Just watched @maryjblige singing about chicken in a Burger King ad, and stared the blankest stare of my life."

What were your reactions to Mary's commercial?