Former LSU cornerback and projected top-five pick Morris Claiborne may be able to score on the field, but when it comes to tests, he apparently can't score worth a "'lic."

Claiborne scored a four on the Wonderlic intelligence test at last month's NFL Combine in Indianapolis.  Four out of 50.  Zero-four.

The NFL average is 21, while the public average is 24. 

Claiborne beat the low-score record of six set by Vince Young in 2006.

Although some, or even most, fans and analysts will mock Claiborne's lack of book smarts, his draft stock shouldn't go down much due to his Wonderlic results.  Keep in mind, plenty of great players have had low test scores and intelligence and went on to be hall-of-famers, while the "smart" ones were busts.

Claiborne also went on Twitter, @moclaiborne, briefly mentioning the news about his leaked Wonderlic score, tweeting, "Some peopl don't no what the test is about r what it is for. But u guys will have to do more then that to bring Momo17 dwn!!! $$$$$ :-).... If u don't have haters u not doing something! It's good to no I do. So keep tweeting. I love it!"