Private investigator William C. Dear has come forward with a wild claim that he has gathered an extensive amount of evidence over a six year period that is sufficient enough to pin the murder of the late Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman, on O.J.'s son Jason Simpson, rather than O.J..

The murder of Nicole Simpson and her believed extramarital love interest, Ron Goldman, is one of the most widely publicized murder cases in the history of the modern legal system.  O.J. Simpson was believed to be the killer, but he managed to dodge a conviction on a criminal level.  

O.J. Is Innocent And I Can Prove It was written by William C Dear, who claims that he found evidence linking the murders to O.J.'s son Jason.  He claims that he searched through O.J.'s garbage and an abandoned storage locker and uncovered the hunting knife that was pinned as the murder weapon by forensics experts.  In the book he also claims to have found pictures of Jason Simpson wearing a cap that appeared to be extremely similar to the one found at the scene of the crime.  During the trial, prosecutors failed to link the cap to O.J. Simpson.

Jason also has a knack for violence, apparently, as author Dear claims that two months prior to the murders Jason Simpson allegedly assaulted his then girlfriend.  

These are pretty radical claims, but who is to say that Dear's alleged findings cannot be true?