After being falsely accused as the "snitch" in the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal, Jeremy Shockey is demanding an apology from Warren Sapp and the NFL.  Warren Sapp is a football analyst on the NFL Network, and thus the NFL could be held responsible for his false accusations.

Apparently, Jeremy Shockey might take legal action against Sapp and the NFL if he doesn't get an apology from both by some time next week.  Jeremy Shockey made it very clear that he had nothing to do with the the leaked information regarding the Saints putting out bounties on various players, with the intention of injuring them.  He is going to extremes to make sure that these accusations don't happen again, much like Justin Bieber did when the "baby daddy" accusations came his way.

Sapp and the NFL should own up to their mistake and apologize soon.  It's only right, and it would be smart in order to avoid a lawsuit.