On Ace Hood's Starvation Mixtape, the rapper put out a song that raised a lot of eyebrows regarding the death of his daughter in the song "Hallucinations".  He recently sat down with XXL Mag to discuss the touchy subject.  Ace acknowledged that it was very hard to get over his daughter's passing, and that putting her death into a song wasn't easy, however it was the only real way for him to release his pain:

"That's my only way to actually release.  That goes back to me saying this music is just more... This music is my getaway. That's why it means so much to me. The sh*t that I put out. Everything I put into this music, it's meaningful. These types of records is why people love my music. It was hard. It's hard for me to get in the booth and put forth what goes on in my personal life, it ain't easy, man. That's just my way of releasing. The way I know how to release it. Putting my message into something like 'Hallucinations'.

"I'm a Christian, man. I grew up with a family and I was raised that way. I know how to cope with these types of things. I know God does everything for a reason. I truly believe that. If I didn't believe that I would handle things differently than what I did. Everything happens for a reason. Like they say: 'you're in a better place.'"

Source: sohh.com