Joe Budden and the rest of the Slaughterhouse group was set to perform at New York City's Best Buy Theater last week when the Jersey native was apprehended by the NYPD, because of what Joey recently revealed was an unpaid traffic ticket, one that was issued back in 2007.

According to group member and New York City native Joell Ortiz, there were 30 officers who let themselves into the venue in order to arrest Budden.

Budden says it was a matter of bad timing.

"I always perform in New York. The bottom line of it is if I would have known about the situation it would have been cleared up, but I didn't. It had never popped up before and I had gone through the system a few times."

Joe did seem to believe that the arrest was justified, however.

"I'm pretty cut and dry about it. It was an unpaid ticket, bench warrant; and when there's a bench warrant they catch you when they can catch you. And it just so happens we had a sold out show at Best Buy Theater, and that's where they decided to catch me."

The fans at the concert the night off the arrest were disappointed about missing an appearance from Joe Budden, as they chanted "Free Joey" to show support for the rapper.