Queensbridge rapper Nas and his ex-wife - singer Kelis - had a highly publicized divorce throughout 2008, and recently the legendary rapper spoke in regards to that situation and how his personal life was publicly affected for the first time.

"Life is crazy. I [wound] up paying more money to baby mommas than what some of my rap brothers and sistren make. I've always been away from too much limelight and that right there put me in your... No one's exempt from people probing into your life once you get into the game. So it put a lot of my business out there, man. It was like, people weren't thinking I was making that kind of money, and now they knew."

"I was always low key with it in a lot of ways. It was hard with people being all in your business, and it was just ugly. Divorce can be crazy".

He also shared his opinion on love and gave out some advice. 

"Man, if you're happy... Love is a beast, man. Hold on. Be prepared for any way it may go, and be honest."

Source: hiphopblog.com