The internet is buzzing over Whodat.Biz, a new site claiming to be from Kanye's brainchild tech start-up, Donda. However, Gizmodo uncovered the truth about the site, revealing that it's actually fake.

Aside from a Donda project representative confirming that the site was fake, all one had to do was take a look at the page to render it bogus. Whodat describes themselves as the "Facebook of Websites," but is actually Whois service that returns website lookup information.

The prankster behind the hoax turned out to be Ryder Ripps one of the founders of OKFocus, who were behind the whole debacle. Ryder says that he started up the website, because it "played into a lot of people's assumptions about Donda." He added that the goal of the group was just to reinvent a Whois lookup in a new and playful way.