Tyrese's claims to being close friends or "boys" with Transformers director Michael Bay has earned him a fresh restraining order. Apparently, Michael Bay was not fond of Tyrese constantly speaking about how close they are to various members of the film industry, so he took action.

For reasons unknown, Michael Bay does not want to be associated with Tyrese, despite the fact that actor/singer Tyrese did make multiple supporting appearances in the Transformers films.  The director and his lawyers recently served Tyrese with a cease and desist letter and slapped him with a restraining order to stay away from Bay.

Michael Bay's cousin, Susan, released a statement on the matter:

"Michael Bay has a cease and desist on Tyrese, and a restraining order on Tyrese. Michael didn't like when Tyrese was calling out his name on television, like they were boys. Everywhere Tyrese went, he was calling out Michael's name. Mike didn't like that sh*t."

It is understandable for someone to not want their name and false rumors about how close they are with someone to be constantly spread around, but do you think Michael Bay went a little hard in getting a restraining order against Tyrese?

Source: theurbandaily.com