One half of the Clipse rap group, No Malice, is currently working on a new mixtape which will be called Hear Ye Him. This comes after the completion of his autobiographical memoir Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind & Naked.

And in a recent interview with BET, he spoke on a variety of topics detailing his upcoming ventures.

When asked about the progress of his mixtape, No Malice gave some insight into who will be featured on the project - from artists to producers - and even revealed the name of his first single.

"As far as features, you're definitely going to get The Re-Up Gang of course, my brother, Ab-Liva definitely. I've been working with Chad from The Neptunes, and Pharrell also. Boi-1da, and myself are about to do something as well. The first single is titled Different."

He also stated that he and his partner Pusha T are actually working on a Clipse album as well, despite their solo endeavors taking off currently.

"We're working on that now. Collecting beats, writing verses, you know Pusha is everywhere right now so it's just a thing of matching up the scheduling, things of that nature. But the fans will definitely have music from Pusha and myself circulating about so we're not going to leave them empty handed."

And speaking of Pusha T, things got a bit interesting when No Malice was asked about the lingering beef between Drake and the other half of the Clipse. He briefly responded:

"I want Pusha to stop picking on Drake, I like Drake. Yeah I like Drake, yo."