50 Cent has been steadily continuing the promotion of his energy drink Street King, and for his latest efforts he took a bit of a detour and enlisted the help of comedian Joan Rivers.

Yesterday, the two were at a Harlem, NY, Planet Fitness to do some filming. The G-Unit general explained his decision to bring on Ms. Rivers.

"I tried to put together the odd team, not the A-team. It has a lot of different layers to it for something that has to happen in 30 seconds."

During the commercial, Joan Rivers, who gave herself the nickname 34 Cent, hits the gymnasium in athletic attire designed for divas - including a $75,000 mink coat - and gives herself the energy to exercise by tasting the Street King beverage.

"The premise of the commercial is I have no energy, I drink the drink, and I'm ready for fun", she explains.

Source: rap-up.com