It takes a lot for artists to catch Bay Area legend E-40's eye, but it seems that he's somewhat a fan of Kreayshawn. He recently spoke to Complex about the new music coming from the Bay Area, and Kreayshawn's movement.

"Yeah she was down [for the hyphy movement]. She's doing her thing out here in the Bay and nationally." He continued, "I'm an O.G. so I'm not a fan of a lot of rappers but I respect what they're doing. I feel like I've already said all there is to say so there's nothing else anyone can teach me, you smell me? I respect everything they're doing and I love to see poise, pizzazz, test of fortitude, and motivation, and all of the things they're doing right now. I love to see characters, people that's from the streets as well putting the comedy in it. That's always the best rapper to me."