Celebrity relationships seem to be getting more interesting by the day, as there is always something going down in the life of the rich and famous and their "loved" ones.

Superstar running back for the Atlanta Falcons, Michael Turner, recently came to an agreement with his girlfriend Rasheeda Walker in their custody case involving their second child. 

Apart from having to pay $6,000 a month in child support, the star running back will have significant time to spend with his son during the NFL off-season and also when the Falcons have any bye weeks during the playoffs.

But Turner had to make one point clear: he does not want either of his children to appear on any reality television shows to exploit them in any way.

There are even court papers that document this aspect of their proceedings which states:

"The parties agree that it is not in the best interest of either of the children to appear on any reality television show or program, absent mutual consent". 

Source: theurbandaily.com