The 2005 release of Lil Kim's album The Naked Truth was the last studio album she dropped before going to prison. And since her 2006 release from behind bars, the Queen Bee has yet to drop an album, and now she finally reveals why she's been away from the game for so long.

Kim states that she and her label had some differences:

"When I came home from prison in 2006, I was really unhappy with my label so I wanted to get off, and I didn't get released. I wasn't dropped. I had to pay them. So, at the end of the day, it's like that takes time. For two years, I fought and fought and fought and finally there was a break. During those two years, I did my Hollywood thing, I mean doing reality shows, 'Dancing With The Stars' and all that good stuff. But in-between me doing 'Dancing With The Stars', I struck up another deal. I did a deal with Trackmasters, and it didn't work out, but that took another year or two."

The Brooklyn artist also cited contractual issues within her label as to why she couldn't create any new music.

"Contractually, by the courts, I could not record any music. I wasn't supposed to put any music out. Technically Black Friday was a mixtape, so I was able to get away with that. But technically they could have come after me if I were to put out an album. I couldn't do it. So, this is something that my fans don't know, but now you know. Legally I wasn't allowed or able to do music. And 'til this day I'm not going to say I'm glad that the lawsuit happened with Trackmasters, but it made me more of a business woman."

She recently recorded a track titled Keys to the City which features Young Jeezy.