A lot has been said in regards to the Trayvon Martin killing, and much more will continue to be talked about as that case is far from over.

But a more heinous act of violence occurred back in 2006, when four New York City police officers shot and killed Queens native Sean Bell on his wedding night of all nights.

The four cops who were involved in the shooting will be kicked out of the department, said the NYPD.

Detective Gescard Isnora, who was the first to fire his weapon, was found to be in violation of NYPD guidlines as he fired his weapon while still posing as an undercover officer. He will not receive a pension or health benefits for his role in the incident.

Detective Michael Oliver, Detective Marc Cooper, and Lt. Gary Napoli were the other officers involved and were able to negotiate plea deals with the department to resign, which will allow them to retain their pensions and other benefits.

Sean Bell's father, William Bell, says:

"It really don't matter. They still have lives. Pension or no pension, they're still walking around, they'll get another job. My son doesn't have a chance to start over again."

The officers were all acquitted in court back in their 2008 trial.