This has to be one of the most bizarre confessions ever to be written down on an individual's arrest papers in the history of the police system.  

De'aundre Barnes, 22, was recently arrested for allegedly stabbing 23-year-old Thomas Grippo at a house party on Pleasure Drive in Tampa Bay, Florida.  When he was arrested and taken to jail, Mr. Barnes actually listed on his arrest papers "drug dealer", as his occupation.  After the deputy questioned Barnes about the incident that took place at the house, he was reported as saying:

"I'm going to jail anyways."

Mr. Barnes allegedly got into a heated argument with Grippo's girlfriend, so Grippo stepped in to defend her and began fighting with Barnes.  Grippo has stated that he didn't realize he was stabbed until he arrived at his home later that night where he was treated for his wounds.  

Barnes has been charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, along with a probation violation.  He is currently on probation until 2016 and is being held at Pasco jail without bail.  He has a list of prior arrests for various charges including the one he listed on his occupation - charges involving cocaine sales, delivery, and possession.

In Barnes' most recent mug shot, he is photographed with some nasty black eyes and cuts to his face that he received during his fight with Grippo.

All of the pictures seen here are various mug shots of Barnes.