An unidentified man in his 20's or 30's was shot in the head and killed during an amateur rap video shoot in Philadelphia.  The shooting occurred in broad daylight in front of a large crowd of about 100 people. After the shots were fired, everyone fled in different directions.  In the middle of all the chaos, a passing car accidentally ran over the victim's fallen body as it tried to drive off to escape the gun fire.

According to police updates, three men with firearms in their possession were arrested shortly after the reckless shooting occurred.  One of the three men has been identified by a witness as the trigger man who opened fire.  

Because the music video shoot attracted an extremely large crowd, there were undercover police officers on duty monitoring the entire event, and when the shooting happened, they were completely taken by surprise.

Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small commented on the fatal shooting:

'The scene initially was very hectic. Once shots were fired, you've got a crowd of a 100 people, they flee in every direction.  There were other individuals out sitting on their porches, walking up and down the sidewalk; we had heavy traffic riding up and down the street, so the fact there is only one victim is pretty incredible."

Investigators working the case are currently unsure if the victim of the shooting was the target, or just a random casualty to fall from unnecessary street violence.  

The victim's name has yet to be released to the public.