During China's CBA basketball finals, Stephon Marbury and Aaron Brooks came extremely close to throwing up their hands and squaring off after Stephon kneed Aaron in the face.  

Stephon was driving to the basket hard, and right after he left the ground and took flight at the basket, Aaron Brooks stepped in front of him with his hands held high above his head, like most any defender would do during a basketball game. Maybe Stephon wasn't expecting Brooks to actually step in to defend him, or maybe he has a grudge against him for some reason.  It's unclear at this point.  What is clear, however, is that instead of actually attempting to make the basket and receive a blocking foul from Brooks at the same time, Marbury delivered a flying knee straight to Brooks' chin!

The craziest part of this entire bizarre encounter...Brooks got called for the foul! 

Check out the flying Stephon Marbury knee attack here.