It's only been a mere 24 hours since the Tim Tebow trade to the New York Jets was made official, and the new backup quarterback for the franchise opened up about a few things in a recent interview.

In the midst of a conference call late last night, Tebow spoke on a variety of topics and also stated that he and Jets starting quarterback Mark Sanchez went back and forth in discussing the trade after Sanchez left him a voicemail.

"We got a chance to catch up a little bit. We had a great conversation. I'm looking forward to seeing him soon, and working with him. We've been blessed to know each other the last few years. I definitely have a lot of respect for him and just look forward to being in the meeting rooms with him and spending time with him."

Tim Tebow, who will be entering his second year as an NFL quarterback, touched on quite a few interesting issues.

When asked about being a backup QB once again, he responded: 

"[My role] is very clear. They want me to come in and compete and get better and get better at quarterback and help the team any way possible. Whatever that role is, I will do my best with my heart and soul."

When asked about a possible competitive battle with Mark Sanchez, Tebow says they'll get along just fine as teammates playing at the same position.

"We're both extreme competitors. Ultimately, it's my goal to push him to get better and to push myself to get better. But I think we'll have great working relationship and good relationship off the field. He's such a classy guy. He handles himself so well. I'll be honored to call him my teammate."

He kept his response brief when asked about his one-year stint with the Broncos, simply stating "That time is over and done. I'm looking forward to a new chapter in my life."

And lastly, with his religious views being highly documented, Tebow was asked if his new head coach's rather explicit vocabulary would cause any issues between the two.

"How did I know I was going to get asked about this? I've have so much respect for Coach Ryan. ... You're not going to have the cleanest language in a locker room, so I'm not too worried about that."

The Jets were featured in the last edition of NFL Hard Knocks before last season's lockout prevented a new team from filming their training camp.

It would have been interesting to see Tebow and Sanchez during their training period.