As Tim Tebow is getting ready to move into a new locker inside the New York Jets' locker room, he has been given a great amount of support from fellow New York athlete, Jeremy Lin.

Lin, like Tebow, became an overnight sensation worldwide, during this year's 2011-2012 NBA basketball season.  He knows exactly the type of pressure that Tebow will face once he runs onto the football field wearing a Jets jersey. Jets fans may be having mixed emotions regarding the Tebow trade, however, Lin feels as though it is a great move for Tebow.

After the Knicks defeated the Philadelphia 76ers 82-79 last night (3/21), Lin commented on Tebow's trade during his post game interview.

"I'm just excited for him and to see what he does and see what happens next year. ... I'm excited he's going to be in New York.  He's a great guy from everything I hear and the conversation I had with him was great as well."

Lin did offer Tebow a word of advice that he has been given ever since he earned the spot as starting point guard for the Knicks.

"Everyone gave me some advice.  They said make sure not to read the papers. But I don't want to say that to offend you [reporters]. That's what I've been told, so I don't really read anything. And I think it helps me."