In a recent interview, the legendary drummer and member of The Roots touched on Jay-Z's three year tenure as President of Def Jam Records, and also why Jay insisted that the band produce the same type of music they always have. Quest emphasized why it's important they stay within who they are as a collective group of artists. 

"Jay-Z didn't want to be known as the bad guy that killed The Roots. I told Jay, "Like man, that would be nice to have all my records debut at No. 1 and stuff." But he's like, "Yeah, but you're just looking at that. I got to deal with beef with this cat and that cat. Every year some rapper's going to take a potshot and I got to take the gloves out the closet and start training." ... And Jay-Z sees me as an artist making my dream come true. Like, he wants to be seen as a true artist, not the richest guy in hip-hop. Meanwhile, I would like 13 zeros in my account."

Questlove also spoke about Jay Electronica and his upcoming album being completed.

I told Jay, 'You ain't getting that record until 2015,' and he hit me like, 'I got the record, I got the record,' I'm like, 'You're not releasing that record until 2015.' Actually, Jay, Shawn Carter, has the record, listens to it constantly. He says it's his favorite record of 2012. He said it has no singled on it though. But it's his favorite record. [Is it on Def Jam?] No, he signed Jay Electronica. He's on Roc Nation. Jay wants a single."