Tyga recently had a confrontation with some haters during his performance on Monday night at the Sokol Auditorium in Omaha, Nebraska.  For some reason, unknown individuals started throwing various items on stage at Tyga while he was performing.  The Young Money rapper became infuriated and screamed into the mic at his assailants, "I'm going to do this one more performance for my fans, then I'll see you outside."

Before Tyga could finish his last song Rack City, more items were being thrown between members of his crew and the haters in the crowd, which resulted in a fist fight erupting.  After the confrontation turned physical, the unidentified group of aggressive haters took Tyga's "I'll see you outside" warning seriously. While Tyga and his team began to board their tour bus, massive gun fire exploded in the direction of their vehicle. 

Apparently, the shots came from a car nearby, and bullets continued to spray and clash against the tour bus even as it sped off for a few blocks.  According to reports, two people suffered minor wounds from the gun shots. Tyga's female artist Honey Cocaine was struck in the arm, but she is expected to fully recover. She later tweeted about her experience being shot.

No arrests have been made, and it is unclear if the police even have any suspects at this time.