Around 11:30pm last night on St. Patrick's Day, the many protesters who began the Occupy Wall Street movement six months ago gathered in Zuccotti Park, where many were eventually arrested and some even beaten. 

Apparently, the protesters broke the rules for gathering in the park that prohibits its occupiers from using tents or sleeping bags. Witnesses present during the clash between the police and the many protesters claim that the NYPD gave little notice to the protesters about their tents before entering the park and forcing them to leave. 

Apparently, many claim that the police used excessive force on many of individuals who were being arrested by beating them with billy clubs.  One young woman suffered a seizure as she was being arrested and was taken away in an ambulance.  

NYPD detective Brian Sessa commented on the event but did not comment on the claims of police brutality:

"Most of the people, they left the park. People who refused to leave and were staying were arrested."

All in all, 73 individuals were arrested in Zuccotti Park on this past St. Patrick's Day.