The crazy festivities of St. Patrick's Day usually don't involve tragedy; unfortunately this time that was not the case.

But the holiday isn't to blame in this particular situation as a Staten Island man was stabbed to death at his engagement party yesterday.

Anthony Lacertosa and his fiance Bridgette Schneider were at Espana Restaurant among friends and family when two of the soon-to-be-husband's brothers stepped outside and unrinated near the establishment after the manager of the venue kicked them out after a verbal dispute. 

The manager and one of his employee's took notice to the actions of the ousted brothers and confronted them, the employee with knives he had retrieved from the kitchen.

Lacertosa then ran out to help his siblings, unaware of the knife-welding associate who allegedly drove a knife through the side of the victim, who pointed at his attacker before collapsing.

The attacker fled the scene and is currently still at large.

The couple were to get married after being together for 8 years.

Anthony Lacertosa was only 27.