Those of you waiting on a first-hand account of Bobby Brown's life won't have to wait too much longer, as the controversial entertainer is shopping around a self written biopic to filmmakers. broke the story, revealing that the script was originally written in 2011, but no one was interested until after Whitney Houston passed away. A synopsis for the film was also released on the site.

"Sex, Drugs, Women and the Original Bad Boy of R&B, a toxic mix. The Bad Boy of R&B is a classic tale of R&B sensation Bobby Brown's meteoric rise from humble beginnings in Boston to the top of the R&B and Pop charts. His struggle with drugs, alcohol, women and a troubled marriage is a rocky journey and an inspirational one. One of hope redemption and the power of the human spirit. Having already accomplished more as a teenager than most men in a lifetime, Bobby must now face the greatest challenge of his life . . . .Take this emotional journey with the original Bad Boy of R&B as we fully exposes his faults contradictions in this in-depth story of his many triumphs, trials and tribulations. The film exposes Bobby's darker side and puts his private demons on public display."

Since the biopic was written in 2011, it doesn't touch on Whitney's death, but lightly covers thier marriage.

Would you be interested in watching a Bobby Brown biopic?