Those of you who've been waiting for Jay Electronica's newest album to drop will be excited to know that the project is complete.

Questlove recently sat down for an interview with The Champs' podcast with Neal Brennan (Chappelle's Show), where he revealed the status of the album.

"I told Jay, 'You ain't getting that record til 2015.' Then he hit me and said, 'I got the record,' and I told him, 'You ain't releasing that record until 2015.' Jay, Shawn Carter, has the record and listens to it constantly and says its his favorite record of 2012. It has no singles on it though, but it's his favorite record."

Jay also sent a tweet out to his fans on March 8, saying "Dear Believers and Patient Supporters. Thank you for your patience and support. The Album will be turned in Tomorrow evening. The wait ends."

We can only wait from here until the unannounced release date for the greatness.